Web Planning Process

1. Starting and Meeting
Discuss proposal with the client. Finalise functionality to be included and decide creative direction.

2. Site Structure Design
We conduct online research of competitors and design structure of the website. Client then specify the pages within the site and key information within them. They are reviewed and finalisation.

3. Functionality Specification
We will develop the functionality according to specification in collaboration with the client(client delegate). This defines the final functionality spec to be included within the website.

4. Design, Configuration and Review of the Website
A creative brief is devised collectively with the client. Design is started based on the approved layout structure. We provide one to two different options of a home page and a sample content page for clients to review, and if it is content management system (CMS) inclusive, the website will be designed and configured to work perfectly with the CMS in accordance with the functionality specification. On finalisation of these important parts we roll out the design to create the remaining pages.

5. Training
Training will be provided to websites built with systems so that the client can manage and upload content in the website.

6. Test and Completion
We test the website for errors before, after and while the content is uploaded for all common browsers. Clients are expected to undertake detailed testing during the final stages of the project, for when it is declared launched, that the job is complete.